Elevate your delivery, Embrace new ways of working and craft modern Knowledge Workers to Build a High Performing Organisation.

Our courses will evolve Knowledge Workers into Modern DevOps Practitioners.

Modern DevOps (not just DevOps)

Implementation of DevOps is not just a playbook or a “paint by numbers” of DevOps Tooling integration and implementation.

To really gain the most out of a Digital/DevOps Transformation, your knowledge Workers must all be champions of the Transformation.

We craft Modern DevOps Practitioners in your Knowledge Workers, that are consistently look for ways to be innovative, that don’t look for permission to be creative and that the creed of “How can i help the Team, the Organisation and myself ” is how they constantly operate.

AGILITY (not just Agile)

We don’t want to just be “Agile”, we want your Knowledge Workers to have Agility.

Agility in how they think about solutions, agility in how they communicate to the team , to the Organisation and to each other and agility in adapting to change so they can better meet the Organisations needs.

We show your knowledge Workers how to be courageous and experiment and be creative, so that they can “out-think” themselves and be pro-active. We give them practical everyday approaches to become resilient, to be open and above all communicative.

High Performing Teams, High Performing Organisations, Modern Adaptable Knowledge Workers.

The “State of DevOps” survey has been run for 5 years now and the data collected from Organisations both large and small has allowed really great questions to be answered backed by this data.

The proof is in the practice a quote from Accelerate (Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble and Gene Kim), “You can act your way to a better culture by implementing these practices ..”, the practices referred to are Technological and Lean Management practices like “Continuous Delivery” and it components, and “Limit work in progress”, “Make everything Visible” and Faster FeedBack.

These practices have all been determined to be instrumental in predicting higher software delivery performance and Organisational performance, as well as significantly improving the culture within the Organisation and reducing knowledge Worker burnout.

Changing the Practices , changes the Behavior, which in turn changes the Culture. We can show you how to implement these practices and we can craft Modern Knowledge Workers that everyday will impart these values in your Organisation, as they will Practice what they preach, they will inhabit “New Ways of Working” and they will be champions of a “Generative Organisations” (Westrum Organisational Model) culture.

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Craft Modern DevOps Practitioners and Embrace New Ways of Working .